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Daniel grew up and was educated in Mutare and was introduced to art by the infamous Joe Mutasa in 1994.

In 1996 Daniel was included in his first international exhibition, which was in Belgium. The exhibition was called International Art and Antiques. There were only three other artists represented from Zimbabwe, those being; Brighton Sango, Sylvester Mubayi and Gladman Zinyeka.

In 1997 Daniel also took part in another exhibition called Sculptures From Zimbabwe, which ran for six months.

Since 1998 he had been working at Chapungu Sculpture Park on their two-year residency artists programme and in April 2000 and again in 2001 he was invited to Woerden in Holland to stage a one-month workshop.

In 2003 Daniel was invited to the UK for three months giving demonstrations with, and then invited the same year to run a workshop with Just Zimbabwe.

Daniel’s works are abstract in form, yet bold and striking. He is a young artist who is bound to feature predominantly in the future sculpture scene of Zimbabwe. A rising talent.

Nichodimus MUTASA

Nichodimus Mutasa was born in Makoni district near the Eastern Highlands town of Rusape in 1970. 
Becoming very interested in art at an early age, he and his only sibling, Solomon, were eventually taught by their father, Joe Mutasa, a well-renowned Zimbabwean sculptor.
Mutasa senior also taught a well know local carver, Rufaro Murenza, and Joe's style is reflected in the work of both Nichodimus and Rufaro.
As with Joe, the subject of family relationships also plays an important part in their work, especially its role in the changing Shona society.
The contrast of polished and unpolished surfaces is used to enhance their creations and provide interest. A variety of stippled textures are perfected to accentuate feminine gowns and flowing hair while highly polished surfaces are used to create the look and feel of soft smooth skin .


Precious MASHAYA

Precious was born on April 6, 1975. He grew up in the mountains of Nyanga, before moving to Mutoko for his final year in school. Precious started sculpting in 1995 at the age of 20.

He was inspired by his older brother, Passmore Mashaya. Precious has exhibited twice in Zimbabwe: in April 1996 at the Standard Chartered Bank, and in August 1996 at the Sheraton Hotel.

He aspires to become a prominent artist and his main drive is to spread the message of art to the young generation



Witness was born in 1975 in Mudzi, Mutoko. Witness is the second born in a family of seven.
Witness grew up in Domboshava, Chinamhora where he achieved his primary education. He then moved to Mabvuku, on the outskirts of Harare and completed his secondary education.
He started sculpting in 1992 with the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa and then with his elder brother Lameck Bonjisi. He was mainly inspired into the sculpture world by his brother Lameck.
In 1997 he started sculpting his own pieces.
He has attended workshops in America and Switzerland and his works can be found in galleries and private collections all over the world.

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